Wekesa (we·kes·ä) m. (Africa)

Meaning: "Born during the Harvest"

Symbol: Meaning, the eye of the medicine man, synonymous with wisdom and awareness.

Ranking: Medicine man to the King and his disciples serving the needs of the “Inner Circle."

From a very young age Wekesa was fascinated by the Medicine Men of his and neighboring tribes. They took him under their wings and nurtured his unusual interest in their science. Soon he was conducting experiments on live animals and dead bodies brought back from battle. His fearless handling of deadly snakes, plants and insects enabled him to make bold advances in his craft. Though strictly forbidden by the elders and medicine men of his tribe, he began testing his toxins on live human subjects. Unbeknownst to them, Wekesa began working on a blend of snake venom and plant poison that produced a slow and painful paralysis. This eventually led to him being cast out of his tribe when they discovered Wekesa used the concoction on his own brother against his will and then tried to cover up his death.

Wandering the plains of Africa, he met up with various other outcasts and continued his experiments, often to the peril of those who gave him refuge. Wekesa became known throughout all of Africa as a feared medicine man, responsible for the poisoning of many crops and the starvation of thousands of people. The tribes of Africa trembled under his evil, but were powerless in their many attempts to kill him. His legendary existence and ability to plague an entire continent eventually led him to King Sirius, who he knew could reveal the secrets to an even greater power and wisdom than his own.

Inner Circle: Wakesea creates the special oils, potions and fluids exclusively used during their ritualistic sacrifices to the dark lords. These potions are a mixture of blood, bodily fluids, and flesh often extracted from a live specimen at the exact moment of death. Wekesa conjures a variety of incenses which are burned during the ritualistic meetings. Ahriman often requests a combination of hair and dried flesh. While Wekesa is a necessary component to the Inner Circle, he does not possess their powers of black magic. He knows he is close to attaining their supernatural faculties, but only King Sirus can bestow this gift upon him. Although reluctant at times, he faithfully tends to the needs of the Inner Circle, and entertains the thought of poisoning one of the others to enhance his prospects of drawing one step closer to Sirus. However, he remains loyal to the Inner Circle and King Sirius. At least for now.

Specialties: Magic spells, potions and poisons designed to induce pain and torture. Boils, burning of the skin to the bone, and rashes that cause the victim to scratch themself to death.

Fetish: Human bone and its components and bone carvings. Performing a bone carving on a victim while still alive and forcing them to watch.

Immortal Curse as a KillerPumpkin: Infliction of various plagues. Bone cancer, aids, blood and skin diseases. Mass starvations by means of drought and food poisening.

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