King Sirus (si·rus) m.

Meaning: Lord of the Dark

Symbol: Generally used to represent a king. The vertical line, signifying oneness, unique being, and authority is combined with the triangle for power and divinity.

Ranking: King Sirus is the supreme ruler of his kingdom and leader of his disciples.

Born of royal and noble decent, King Sirus’ destiny would lead him on a path of merciless rage and destruction. Although his parents were believers of the Lytian faith and adored by all throughout the land, as a child Sirus always struggled to contain an unexplainable hatred that fermented within. Unbeknownst to him, he was the byproduct of a seed that was created by the Dark Lords of Athana and would one day be the key to unlocking the gates of hell, thereby allowing the powers of Athana to walk the earth consuming all that was good.

Time came to pass and Sirus’ father died. Devoted subjects near and far came to mourn this kind, gentle ruler. Except one. For Sirus it was a day of great jubilation for he had grown tired of living a false life and observing the practices that he was forced to endure while under his father’s reign. He suppressed the disdain that he privately felt for all the weak-minded simpletons who believed and practiced the Lytian faith. So much so that Sirus took delight in conceiving various ways to break the spirit of these simple minded fools and secretly vowed to somehow one day abolish the faith and anyone associated with it.

One day a minion disguised as a crow, came to King Sirus with a message of extreme importance from the Dark Lords of Athana. He was summoned to the highest tower in the castle on the 13th day under the harvest moon. The minion assured Sirus that on this night his true destiny would be revealed. As instructed King Sirus waited in the tower with great anticipation, knowing that this was the moment he had secretly waited for all his life. Out of the darkness an orange ominous glow emerged and it was here that Sirus first meets with Nefar, the most revered Dark Lord of Athana.

Nefar outlined the symbols representing the building blocks of the 13th Prophecy. He explained to King Sirus that the true powers that would enable him to channel directly with the Dark Lords could only be fulfilled with the infusion of evil forces that lay within four unique individuals that would make up King Sirus’ Inner Circle. He was to find these cohorts along with the others bearing the symbols of the 13th Prophecy. Nefar also informed Sirus that at birth he had a twin sister, something he had long suspected. Like Sirus, she possessed great powers but being a follower of the Lyte could compromise the fruition of the 13th Prophecy. In order to seal her powers with his, Nefar orders King Sirus to find and destroy her and to consummate her death he was to ingest a vile of her blood.

King Sirus vowed to find this bothersome twin and embracing the hatred that festered in every breath he took, Sirus gathered an army of thousands and crushed all whom dared to stand in his way. Soon he held authority over most of the known world, and the mere mention of his name would arouse fear and hopelessness in even the strongest of men. Great victories in Asia, Europe and Africa only served to fuel a violent rage to quell all that was good and sacred.

His enthusiasm and dedication to annihilation and mayhem pleased the Dark Lords as they continued to direct him on his path. Along his journeys, he would locate those bearing the mark of the 13th Prophecy. They would be an eclectic blend of sorcerers, wizards, assassins and miscreants, embodying unique qualities from which he would forge an empire of destruction. Each victory brought them closer to the apocalypse of the ultimate prophecy, unleashing hell’s plagues onto mankind.

Inner Circle: Within the Inner Circle King Sirus holds the greatest power and is the only one permitted to communicate directly to the Dark Lords of Athana.

Specialties: His swordsmanship is unsurpassed and he possesses great physical strength. Killing his foes through impalement and decapitation were his choice of finality in battle.

Fetishes: As a child, King Sirus had an unusual fascination with pumpkins. He enjoyed surrounding himself with various pumpkins that he carefully carved with sinister, contorted expressions. Sirus was mesmerized by the way the knife would feel each time it penetrated the fleshy substance. He grew to believe that these pumpkins were here to protect him. A near death experience resulting from a confrontation that occurred in his pumpkin patch only confirmed his belief that he had a spiritual connection with these pumpkins. King Sirus took the blood-soaked seeds that he saved from the altercation and began to grow a pumpkin patch outside the castle walls. It grew to prestigious proportions and would inevitably surround his castle. He would meticulously cut out anguished faces into each shell to intimidate and ward off intruders or trespassers to his castle.

Immortal Curse as a KillerPumpkin:  To this day pumpkins originating from King Sirus’ bloodline can still be seen throughout the world.  At night an eerie glow can be seen radiating from within their hollow shells and serves as a grim reminder of the plagues imposed on mankind by the Dark Lords of Athana.

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