Ahriman (ah·ri·man) m. Persian

Meaning: “Evil spirit”. Disciple of darkness death and destruction

Symbol: Sign for ash, meaning to incinerate or to burn.

Ranking: Ahriman holds the prominent position of King Sirus's right hand in his “Inner Circle”. Distinguishing himself as the supreme collector of souls earned Ahriman a special place in the black abyss of the great king's heart. His fierce loyalty to Sirus and maniacal devotion to evil are legendary even amongst his peers.

Ahriman's life is a testimony to his love affair with fire. Born a prince, and heir to the throne of a mighty Middle East kingdom, Ahriman's descent into evil began when his mother died during childbirth. His father quickly realized that his small child possessed a seed from the dark, and a love of cruelty. Though horrified by his eager acceptance and mastery of black magic, Ahriman's father still loved and cared for him while keeping him isolated inside the quiet walls of the castle.

As Ahriman's fascination with fire and torture consumed him, dark experiments with rats, rodents, and the pets of his father's servants sent shudders throughout the castle. He loved the smell of burning flesh. When the charred bodies of the servants began to show up around the kingdom, the king was forced to take drastic measures. Ahriman was shackled and confined indefinitely to a dark dungeon as punishment for his sins. He later emerged from his solitary confinement branded with an intricate code of symbols and markings understood by no one but himself. Horrified by Ahriman's evil aura, the king withered into a background of fear and blind tolerance.

With unnatural powers and dark practices, it was only a matter of time until he consumed the people of his father’s kingdom. Sensing the presence of King Sirus, who lurked nearby in admiration, Ahriman proved his mettle by rejecting his birthright and leading a contingent of Sirus's armies against his own father’s kingdom, devouring all of its subjects in a boiling cauldron of fire and devastation. He impaled and suspended his aged, decrepit father from the highest tower in the castle. As his father wept at the whirlwind of wickedness that raged all around him, Ahriman laughed gleefully before tossing him into the embers of the blazing inferno, thereby sealing his destiny to fire with the soul of his dying father.

Inner Circle: Ahriman like Erishkgal, and Amardad completes the connection to channel to the dark lords. His adeptness with black magic in conjunction with fire has given him his insurmountable distinction, “Disciple of Darkness, Death and Destruction”, one of the three necessary components decreed by the dark lords for King Sirus’s Inner Circle. Ahriman is also the architect of the East and West armies, commanded by Nikostratos and Agrona.

Specialties: Fire. Ahriman’s power to summons fire is unparalleled and one of his deadliest assets. This dark lord’s affinity for black magic, and love for cruelty instilled fear in all that dared to cross his path.

Fetish: Intolerable cruelty by means of fire. Burning alive at the stake. The smell of burning flesh. In battle Ahriman branded his victims before death with hot irons bearing his mark.

Immortal Curse as a KillerPumpkin: Death and destruction by means of fires, volcanic eruptions, and global warming. Depleting the ozone-layer and turning the world into a blazing inferno.

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