Ereshkigal (ë•rish•ki•gal) f. Sumerian.

Meaning: "Lady of the Great Place". Goddess of death and the Underworld.

Symbol: An Egyptian hieroglyph. Used in expressions meaning the underworld or the kingdom of death.

Ranking: As King Sirus' coveted left hand, Ereshkigal holds the second highest position in the "Inner Circle." Chosen by Sirus for her exceptional abilities to communicate with the dead, this dark temptress' powers are imperative to the successful link to complete the code to communicate with the dark lords.

Ereshkigal's mother was an enchantress who lived deep in the mystical black woods, where she perfected her craft of foretelling the future. There she led a discreet life in communion with dark spirits. One evening, a King of the western lands passed through on his way from victory, and became entranced by her radiance and beauty. Thereafter, under cover of darkness, the King would secretly flee the Queen and his castle to lay in the arms of his mysterious lover.

One day while practicing her craft she envisioned the future. She saw a beautiful woman of great wisdom and power. It was her child, the bastard daughter of the king. Distress overwhelmed her as she foresaw the king's betrayal and desperate attempt to destroy her and his unwanted baby. Reeling in horror, she placed a powerful spell on her unborn baby to protect her in the event of her own death, and named the child Ereshkigal, meaning "Lady of the Great Place".

When news of the unborn baby reached the king, he acted quickly to hide his adultery from the queen. The king commandeered his most loyal knight to murder the enchantress and bury her in a secluded cemetery deep into the black woods. The enchantress knew the knight was coming, and she hid in the dark mist of the early morning. Still, the piercing coldness of his blade found her heart, killing her and sending convulsions through the soul of her unborn. The spell was activated, and Ereshkigal continued to take nourishment from the now lifeless body of her mother. The knight buried the spiritless body of the enchantress as instructed in a relatively unknown cemetery frequented only by passing gypsies.

As Ereshkigal continued to feed off the decaying corpse of her dead mother, she often heard wails of agony from grieving families over the loss of loved ones. Like most babies hearing their mother's voice from the womb, this became a source of affection and security. She felt most content and loved during these grief-stricken times.

Eight more months would pass. One unusually stormy night, the topsoil from her shallow grave washed away, exposing the decaying corpse of the mother. Birds and beasts of the night tore away her rotting flesh, leaving Ereshkigal partly exposed in her vessel of stench and decay before it came to rest on the muddy banks of the cemetery. Gasping her first breaths of air, her screams filled the night like a sorrowful beacon for survival. Soon Ereshkigal was found by a band of gypsy travelers. They heralded her birth as a miracle and a sign from their maker. The gypsies raised her as one of their own.

This marks the birth of Ereshkigal.
To be continued.

Inner Circle: Ereshkigal's powers are vital to the inner circle. The dissemination of souls to the dark lords is surrendered through Ereshkigal as part of the common rituals of the "Inner Circle". This has earned her the distinguished position as the soul keeper. Ereshkigal is also the architect of the North and South armies, commanded by Ivor and Wu.

Specialties: Her cunning ability to communicate, trap and imprison the souls of the dead. Through deception she deprives god bearing spirits transition to the afterlife, condemning them to the underworld indefinitely.

Fetishes: Attending the funerals of complete strangers in search for the comforting sounds of people grieving and morning the death of a loved one. A sense of security she grew accustomed to in her mothers womb. It was here in a more sacred observance she would often intervene and deny a god bearing spirit passage to the light for the sole purpose of divine defiance and her own enjoyment.

Immortal Curse as a KillerPumpkin: Repressing souls indefinitely as ghosts on earth. Victims of deception condemned to their place of death for eternity as apparitions, poltergeists, phantasms and visions.

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