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Read the Story of where the curse of the KillerPumpkins began. click here:

KillerPumpkins graced the walls at one of the most prestigious Halloween art shows in America!

John Pelico, dazzles fans at
the George Barris Crusin
back to the 50’s Car Show!
See his illustrations of the
infamous Munster Koach
and other famous cars here!

John Pelico joins the ranks of
"The Family Guy
Artists Series"
See pictures of the opening reception and other artists renditions of Family Guy

Happy HallowDays from KillerPumpkins
click here

Pumpkin Patch

Home Sweet Home

Ripe for the Harvest

Crimson Dawn

The Dawning of a New Terror

Red October

Lone Road

Happy Faces From Hell

Pumpkin Roost

Chimney Creepers
Dawns Early Fright

Pumpkin Pyre

Winter Ancestree

Mystic Knoll
City Frights
Indian Summer Nights

Northern Fears

Keeper of the Crop
ScaredyScape 2
ScaredyScape 3
Hee Hawnt
Crypt Creepers
Family Tree

Tristan's New World

Safe in the Womb

Punkin Love

Keepers of the Gate

Road to Hell

Jacks are Wild


Prism Break 1
Prism Break 2
Haven & Hell
Glutton for Punishment Be Payin Wid Fiyah
Funny Farm
Glutton for Punishment
Be Payin Wid Fiyah

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